Last updated in March 2016.

This privacy policy concerns your use of this website.

Submission of personal information

If you contact us via the link on our website, please provide your contact details. We collect this information only so that we can contact you in relation to your enquiry, and the information will be retained by us only for as long as is strictly necessary. Please rest assured that CJ Field will not disclose your details to any third party, such as sub-contractors, unless you explicitly ask us to. We guarantee never to sell your personal information.

Use of anonymous data

Anonymous statistical information collected through cookies by Google Analytics on our behalf is used by us solely to better understand our market, and to improve our site for the benefit of users. It will never be accessed by third parties, and we will access it only for the purpose of analysing traffic to this site.

Our server location

Our web server is located in a data centre within the European Economic Area, and activity on and through it, including data security, is governed by European Law.

Law enforcement

Exempt from this Privacy Policy are requests by law enforcement agencies and courts in relation to communications between you and us.

Links to external sites

Links to third-party sites may be displayed on CJ Field is not responsible for either the content or the privacy practises of those sites. When following links from our site to external ones, please refer to the external site’s privacy policy.


We consider all content at to be suitable for visitors of all ages. However, we do not wish to be contacted by children or minors (under-18-year-olds) unless they are a young carer and are contacting us on behalf of, as directed by, and with the explicit consent of their parent or guardian, in which case we shall seek verification that this is the case.

General security

This website does not process financial transactions and so the site operates in the standard manner without secured sockets (SSL).

Changes to this policy

From time to time CJ Field may need to update this Privacy Policy Statement. However, future revisions to this Statement will not invalidate choices you have already made — for example, during your current visit — as to your submission of data or acceptance of cookies. If this is of relevance or interest to you, please revisit this Statement occasionally to remain up-to-date with our Privacy Policy.

Accepting communications from CJ Field

By contacting us via the email address given on this website you are implying that you wish to be contacted back in response to your enquiry. If this is not the case then please do not contact us.

Contacting the web site

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy Statement or your interactions with the site, please contact CJ Field via our enquiries page.

Content Publisher

The publisher of this website is CJ Field.