Poster advertising Rennie Pilgrem's album 'Tribalizm'.
Poster advertising Julia Fordham's gigs at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London.
Poster advertising Horse Mcdonald's Coming Up For Air tour.
Flyer advertising Everything But The Girl's 'Temperamental' tour.
Business card for Stephen MacDonald, a builder.
Marketing presenter for Ben Watt and Jay Hannan's 'Lazy Dog' album.
Advertising flyer for HouseProud, a Cleaning company in London.

Title: Tribalizm poster
Client: Thursday Club Recordings Ltd.
Job: Design of poster and ads to promote the album
Illustration: Clive Tag
Copyright © 2002 Thursday Club Recordings Ltd.

Title: Julia Fordham tour poster
Client: Virgin Records Ltd.
Job: Design of promotional poster
Photograph: Darryl Snaychuk
Copyright © 1998 Virgin Records Ltd.

Title: Poster for Horse Macdonald’s Coming Up For Air tour
Client: Randan Records Ltd.
Job: Design of posters, flyers and ads for the tour
Photograph: CJ Field
Copyright © Randan Records Ltd.

Title: Flyer for Everything But The Girl’s Temperamental tour
Client: Virgin Records Ltd.
Job: Design of promotional material for the album
Illustration: Graham Rounthwaite
Copyright © 1999 Virgin Records Ltd.

Title: Business card for Stephen MacDonald
Client: Stephen MacDonald Builder Ltd.
Job: Design of business card and corporate identity
Photograph: Mikhail Olykainen (© Mikhail Olykainen/Shutterstock Inc.)
Copyright © Stephen MacDonald Builder Ltd.

Title: Marketing presenter for Lazy Dog album
Client: Virgin Records Ltd.
Job: Design of presenter and advertising for the album
Photograph: Richard Haughton
Copyright © 2000 Virgin Records Ltd.

Title: Flyer for HouseProud
Client: House Proud
Job: Concept, photo compositing and design of advertising flyer
Photographs: © Fesus Robert and Serhiy Kobyakov/Shutterstock Inc.
Copyright © HouseProud.

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